Improving the quality of life for all

Anguilla has been transformed into a smart, resilient, diversified, healthy, green and inclusive country with universal social security coverage and full employment; enabled by a customer-centric and technology-driven Social Security System.

Social Security    Benefits

The Social Security Scheme pays short term and long term benefits to eligible insured persons...

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Social Security Employees

The contribution ceiling is EC$1617.00 for weekly workers and EC$7000.00 for monthly.

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Social Security Employers

An Individual, Business or Company that gainfully employs persons must be registered as an employer.

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Social Security provides an invaluable Safety Net with Individual Benefits and Community Contributions

About Us

The Anguilla Social Security Board was established under the Social Security Act 1980, by Chief Minister the Honourable James Ronald Webster to provide and manage a system of national insurance for the workers of Anguilla to ensure that there is adequate provision for the security of workers and their families against hardships.

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Let me take the pleasure and introduce you to the online home of the Anguilla Social Security. I do hope you find this resource useful and take some time to give feedback.

Timothy A. Hodge, former Director

Recent News Post

Honourable Premier's Social Security Week 2023 Radio Address

Good day, fellow Anguillians and residents of Anguilla. It is my pleasure to address you as Premier and Minister of Finance responsible for Social Security, on the occasion of Social Security Week 2023, October ...

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The Social Security Board informs you of an important c...

Following the 12th Actuarial Review and Recommendations, the Social Security Board informs you of an important change to the Contributions Regulations, in line with Sections 18, 19, 20, 22, and 45 of the Social S...

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annual reports


  • Total Income grew by 5.97% from $41.76M in 2014 to $44.26M
  • Reserves grew by 5.19% totaling $318.66M, over $302.94M in the previous year

2015 Annual Report


  • Contribution Income increased from $26.57M the previous year to $26.96M
  • SSDF Reserves totaled $2.75 M compared to $2.50M in 2013

2014 Annual Report


  • Reserves stood at $285.31M, an increase of 7.53% over that of the previous year
  • Total Income increased by 5.41% amounting to $41.27M

2013 Annual Report