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Our Mission is to transform the quality of life in Anguilla by providing meaningful social security, community empowerment and national development.


Anguilla has been transformed into a smart, resilient, diversified, healthy, green and inclusive country with universal social security coverage and full employment; enabled by a customer-centric and technology-driven Social Security System.


The Anguilla Social Security Board was established under the Social Security Act 1980. The Act was introduced by Chief Minister the Honourable James Ronald Webster to provide and manage a system of national insurance for the workers of Anguilla to ensure that there is adequate provision for the security of workers and their families. The Board is a statutory corporation which is appointed by, and reports to, a minister of government. It is a tri-partite entity, bringing together representatives of employees, employers and government. It administers the Social Security System through a Director and the staff at the Social Security Office. The Social Security System commenced operations on January 1st 1982.

The Ordinance established a Fund into which contributions are paid and from which benefits are disbursed. The benefits came under two branches: the Short-term Branch, from which the following contingencies are paid: Sickness, Maternity, and Funeral Grant; and the Long-term Branch, from which the following contingencies are paid: Age, Disability and Survivors. In 2002, a Non-Contributory Old Age Pension was added. In 2003, the System increased its coverage to include coverage of self-employed persons.

Today after over 30 years of operation, the Social Security Fund stands in excess of EC$300 million and there are over 10,000 persons registered as insured persons. There are currently over 900 persons who receive Long-term benefits on a regular basis.

The Anguilla Social Security System has in many respects been a trend-setter among Caribbean systems. One area where this is particularly evident is in its investments. In order to achieve a much needed diversification and to achieve higher overall returns, the System has engages financial consultants and utilizes fund managers for some of its funds on the United States and international stock markets.

Another area where the Board has established leadership in is in the creation, in 1986, of the Social Security Development Fund through which many socially desirable projects have been funded. These include but are not limited to, projects in the areas of sports, education, culture and health. One special project is the development of steel pan music within the schools in Anguilla, while another is the launch of the Anguilla Community Foundation, which has established an endowment fund to finance philanthropy in Anguilla.

To keep abreast with the other changing environment which is being reshaped by globalization, constant and often discontinuous change, and revolution in information technology, the Board has had to engage in an organization transformation exercise which has brought several for-reaching improvements.

The Anguilla Social Security Board holds membership in the Inter American Conference on Social Security (CISS) and the International Social Security Association (ISSA).

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